Kat Dennings Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Kat Dennings weight gain?

Kat Dennings weight gain is an obvious thing, although her weight was never clearly known for anyone, she has a wonderful skill in hiding it, it is obvious that she has gained some pound on to her body lines that never were slim. She seems to be enjoying her body the way that it looks as it is and most people thing that her lines are sexy and she looks beautiful.
Due to the fact that Kat is one of the stars of television series 2 Broke Girls it would be reasonable for her to lose some weight instead of allowing Kat Dennings weight gain happen. But she seems to be calm about this and looks confident. On the internet people express their opinion that she should lose about 10 pounds, because all in all television makes your body bigger than it is in reality.
Thus, there are people who state that Kat Dennings weight gain is a normal thing and her charisma is so good that her figure does not bother them. Further, people think that there has to be a person, who expresses different beauty than the one that people are used to. The stereotypical female forms in all around the world are quite drastic and it seems that women have to be slim in order to look beautiful and be seen by men.
Kat is like a figure of different kind of beauty in television and she could set the standards for her admirers that in order to be desirable they do not have to look slim like most of the models and television stars. Even though she hides her real weight from public opinion, she does the right thing in order not to be criticized even more.
Kat Dennings weight gain is making her look a little bit overweight, she used to be in better shape during the first season of 2 Broke Girls, but when time passes she gains more and more. She could consider losing a small part of it or at least not to gain more. Overall, Kat Dennings weight gain does not get in the way for her to appear in television at show everyone that they do not have to be slim in order to look sexy for others and she will always have fans, people that love her looks the way it is and there will always be the ones that will hate her.

what are your thoughts on Kat Dennings weight gain story?

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