Kate Middleton Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Kate Middleton weight gain?

Kate Middleton weight gain is seen as too small for a woman that is expecting her child to be born in July, even in her third semester she seems to be too small and people are wondering if she has any problems because of her slow weight gain.
Kate Middleton weight gain is happening really slowly and in barely showing way. She is the Duchess of Cambridge and is expecting a baby with her husband Prince William. Everywhere in public Kate hides her belly by wearing cotes and her Kate Middleton weight gain is barely noticeable.
Her family decided to reveal the reason for such slow Kate Middleton weight gain process. It is due to genetic reasons. Her mother Carole Middleton during her three pregnancies also looked like Kate and she must have got this type of figure from her mother. And she cannot change a thing. Kate is quite tall and skinny, so her belly should be seen even just a little during her last days, but it is still not so obvious, because when the weather was cold she could wear coats and other warm clothes and hide her small baby belly, but know when it is warm it is hard to hide it.
Further, even though Kate Middleton weight gain is to slow according to many people, her husband seems to be even more caring during her pregnancy. Their love is obvious and strong, and even if her pregnancy is not showing, their love proves that they are expecting a baby. Their bond seems to be even deeper when she is expecting.
Kate Middleton Weight gain has been criticized as too slow, but people also criticize woman that gain too much, the media spend a lot of time in order to wright about what they do not know and it seems that being a famous mother and expecting your child these days is really hard.
Kate Middleton weight gain is an ongoing topic in the media and people talk different things, some state that all pregnant women should look like her and that this is a perfect way to expect the baby and look perfect. Others state that her health might be in danger and also the health of the baby too. However, despite all public opinion Kate is happy about herself and her upcoming baby birth; she likes to spend time buying new clothes for her baby and just preparing to be a good mother.

what are your thoughts on Kate Middleton weight gain story?

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