Kate Upton Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Kate Upton weight gain?

Kate Upton is a model that some people may not like, because of her body lines, but she does not mind that. Some people say that Kate Upton weight gain happened during one year of her posing as a model for pictures in a bikini, but she disagrees with this and claims that was always like this. She never was a slim model that people are used to see.
However, she is not the only one that thinks her figure looks healthy, other models agree with this fact and are speaking out against ridiculous comments about Kate’s figure. Two of famous models: Alyssa Miller and Chrissy Teigen say that people should begin to love all body types not just the extremely slim ones.
Still, Kate Upton weight gain bothers others, although it is not so obvious. The famous model says that she will never starve in order to look as slim as other people would want her to be and she is proud of herself for feeling beautiful the way that she looks.
Furthermore, there are always angry people that will call her fat. Once when Kate was on a cruise and took pictures in Antarctica when the weather temperature was -35 degrees a discussion about Kate Upton weight gain happened. It was doubted that the model is good enough for photo-shoots because she was called fat. Thus, a comment about her age was also made, because a question was asked how she would look when she will be 30, because right now she is just 20.
Kate responds to criticism about her being fat that she will not change a thing and stay the way she looks, because she likes to enjoy life and eat whatever she wants and to be bigger but happier instead of being slim and miserable.
Kate Upton weight gain does not bother her, although she does not gain much of it to see, she does not lose it either and according to her this will not change any time soon. She is happy about herself the way she looks and does not mind if some people make harsh comments about her.

what are your thoughts on Kate Upton weight gain story?

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