Kathleen Turner Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Kathleen Turner weight gain?

Kathleen Turner weight gain happened because she was sick, not because she wanted it or did not exercise enough. In 1990s she began to go down and she had to decline a lot of good movie roles in order and no one understood her reasons for this until in 1992 she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and her future was going to be really sad, because the doctors told her that in the future she is not going to be able to move her hear, walk or might even end up I wheel chair.
Kathleen Turner weight gain also increased because she started to consume a lot of alcoholic drinks, she states that she did it in order to reduce the pain that was unbearable and her carrier as a rising actress went down fast. Not only that she began not to get any offers to play roles in movies, but her financial state got worse because of her drinking habit and now she also had to pay for different medicine that being in her state acquired. Thus, she also notes that when she turned over 40 she was only offered roles of mothers or grandmothers.
Kathleen Turner weight gain did not get in the way for her to return into television after eight long years needed in order to cure her and make her health state better. Her health state was better when a cure from her disease was found and she was given it. Then she returned and was seen on two episodes of television series Friends and she has also appeared in small roles in some movies.
Kathleen Turner weight gain also did not get in the way for her to be a voice actress and take up roles of different animated film characters, she done quite a number of them. Also after her health being better she came back to act in movies and even got awards for some of her roles.
Also her personal life was not so successful; she has been declared as a difficult woman by some magazines and called not so good because of her problems with alcohol. Kathleen Turner weight gain is an understandable thing and she continues to have fans all over the world that understand her and her problems which she did not choose to have. All in all it is wonderful that she managed to get pass all of her problems and returned to her normal life.

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Kathleen Turner weight gain Kathleen Turner weight gain

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