Kelly Brook Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Kelly Brook weight gain?

Kelly Brook weight gain happened because of her brake up with her boyfriend. She has been like a role model for many women all over the world due to her feminine body forms but now her body looks a little bit overweight. She has been reported of gaining 10 labels since the brake up with her famous rugby player Thom Evans.
Kelly Brook weight gain was obvious during her photo shoot for New Look bikini swim wear in Miami. She seems to have gotten from size 8 to size 10 or 12. During her photo shoot she did not seemed embarrassed at all and showed her rounder figure lying in the sun in her two part bikini.
Due to the fact that she has divorced with her boyfriend Kelly Brook weight gain seems to be normal, because she needed time to relax from her regime and wanted to rest for a while with delicious meals and less workout. Her ex-boyfriend was a big fan of workout and healthy food, so a big part of their relationship was based on their way of life and when they broke up all of the work out and healthy food seems to be a reminder about him, so she deserves a time of.
However Kelly Brook weight gain seems to bother other people a lot, one journalist even wrote that she cannot imagine how did Kelly gained so much weight and how she is capable of demonstrating swimwear with her new figure. Kelly was sad due to this kind of remark about her, because she seems surprised how one woman could say these kinds of things about another one. But still Kelly was called sexy in her new looks.
Other people state that the ones who say that Kelly Brook weight gain does not seem sexy are not nice, because her lines are still beautiful, despite the fact that she looks a bit bigger, she is not fat at all and her feminine figure can be an example to other woman how they can look sexy in their bodies. So Kelly can enjoy her meals the way that she wants to and spend some vacation from her work out program because people like the way that she looks right now and if someone says negative thing about her figure they must be jealous that Kelly is happy about herself and her body the way that it is.

what are your thoughts on Kelly Brook weight gain story?

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