Kelly Clarkson Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Kelly Clarkson weight gain?

Kelly Clarkson weight gain is not disturbing the singer at all, she is pleased with her full boy shape. She is 30-year-old and her size goes from UK 8 to 16. Since she participated in the American Idol ten years have passed and they changed her forms in a drastic way that may seem not so attractive for some people.
However Kelly does not worry about her shapes, she told one British magazine that she loves her body and that the changes are inevitable, because at some parts of her life she sings more and at other parts she eats more and plays more and that her sizes will never be fixed. She seems relaxed and calm about her body shapes that seem much more larger than the first time that she appeared on television.
Moreover, Kelly Clarkson weight gain gets slower or stops when she starts to date someone. When she met her fiancé Brandon Blackstock she lost a little of her weight, but when she got engaged to him, Kelly went back to size 16 and is happy about it.
Kelly admits that she loves to eat delicious food along with healthy stuff she eats a lot of junk food. She admits that is never trying to lose any weight when it happens it is natural. Kelly Clarkson weight gain has stopped for this moment and she keeps her size 16 permanent for now.
Her friends state that Kelly’s current weight is comfortable for her in her relationship, she does not do so many exercise that she used to do. Also they notice that Kelly will probably get back to the gym in order to look better in her upcoming wedding with her fiancé and that this would be the best motivation for her to try to lower her size and pick out a perfect wedding dress.
At first Kelly Clarkson weight gain seemed not so attractive to her boyfriend, but now he seems content with her just the way that she looks. However recently Kelly began to keep up to a juice diet and try to lose weight. As she states in her blog that she feels great and the juices are delicious.

what are your thoughts on Kelly Clarkson weight gain story?

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