Kelly Lebrock Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Kelly Lebrock weight gain?

Kelly Lebrock used to be a famous model with beautiful body lines and perfectly fit. Once in her life Kelly had lost even 31 labels of her weight when she was a part of Celebrity Fit Club’s, she was considered to be one of the most successful because she lost those labels only in 14 weeks.
Kelly Lebrock weight gain made her starve and exercise a lot. She says that she had to go through a lot in order to achieve her goals to become smaller and as she states right now it was not so important to lose weight, because she thinks that being a size 2 does not make you feminine and people should grow out of this trend to be so slim.
In order to lose Kelly Lebrock weight gain she had to exercise two times a day and being a wife, then she was still married to Steven Seagal was not a smart thing to do, because they had three children and spending all of her time burning calories there was not so much left for her family.
Further, Kelly now understands that in her age gaining some pounds is natural and it is supposed to be like this. Further Kelly Lebrock weight gain happened after some time that she lost it again and she does not think of any kind of diets because she does not want to go past through that again never in her life. She states that her weight did not get in the way of marrying again and is happy about herself as long as her new husband loves her body.
Kelly Lebrock weight gain does not bother her so much and when she wants to lose when, when her clothes do not fit her anymore she just stops eating her favorite food like lasagna with crème béchamel and when she fits into her clothes again she start eating it. However her closet in Kelly’s home in Santa Barbara is full of clothes from size 2 up to 12. So she would have to cut of more than just lasagna in order to fit into size two.
Kelly does different things in order to look young and beautiful; she does some Botox in order to make her face more young. So Kelley Lebrock weight gain does not get in the way for her to look after her and to be happy the way that she is.

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Kelly Lebrock weight gain Kelly Lebrock weight gain Kelly Lebrock weight gain

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