Kerry Katona weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Kerry Katona weight gain?

Since the day this singer stepped on the stage for the first time, Kerry Katona weight gain and weight loss, her constant size fluctuations, has been discussed in a greater detail than her professional career. That is why before we start making our contribution to the list of articles discussing Kerry’s body, we feel obliged to remind you about her achievements in music industry. Katona ascended to stardom as a teenager, performing with the cult girls band Atomic Kitten. The group’s debut album, titled Right Now, reached the stores in 2007 and spawned seven international hits: “Right Now”, “See Ya”, “I Want Your Love”, “Follow Me”, “Whole Again”, “You Are” and “Eternal Flame”. Due to the popularity of these catchy songs Right Now enjoyed a considerable commercial success and turned the three girls into international teenage divas over a night.
For the sake of truth we have to say that Atomic Kitten’s music was not the only thing that attracted millions of fans. Back in the day Kerry Katona weight gain was not among her problems: just like her band-mates, she was fit and attractive. However, within the year after the release Atomic Kitten’s debut album her fans have noticed that this starlet is going through some sort of physical transformation. Soon they learned that the reason behind the sudden Kerry Katona weight gain was pregnancy. In summer 2001, at the age 21, the singer gave birth to her first daughter, Molly Marie McFadden. This was one of the hugest news in the realm of celebrities that year, as the father of Kerry’s child was another famed pop singer Brian McFadden from the cult boys band Westlife. The couple got married the following winter in the Republic of Irelands and spent their romantic honeymoon in Mauritius.
The singer might have lost her pregnancy pounds, if there was more time for that. However, soon after returning from Mauritius Kerry found out that she is carrying a second child. Lilly-Sue was born in February 2003, just one year before her parents parted ways. Unlike many women going through divorce, Kerry did not let the stress ruin her figure. Instead of looking for comfort on the bottom of ice-cream can, the singer has been spilling all the negative emotions in the gym. As a result, by the March of 2005 she looked just as fit as in the beginning of her career with Atomic Kitten. As it often happens, keeping the extra pounds off appeared way harder than getting rid of them: the photos taken in September of the same year evidenced a considerable Kerry Katona weight gain. As for the day, it looks like this 33-year-old is about to start piling on pounds again: apparently, she is expecting her 5th child!

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Kerry Katona weight gain

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