Kim Kardashian Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Kim Kardashian weight gain?

Kim Kardashian weight gain is not a topic that she wants to avoid, also she talks about her maternity dressing style and her body changing during this time. She spoke to different British magazines about these issues. Reality star admits that it is hard to be confident about her looks while she is pregnant and especially at the end of the pregnancy. Also it is hard to carry the baby for the last months. They are expecting a baby girl to be born.
Kim Kardashian weight gain is a problem, which arouse during her first pregnancy. Being so popular before her pregnancy and wearing everything that she wanted, Kim had to wear anything that fits for her during these months, she says herself that this is the way that she used to dress and that she will not change it even through her pregnancy time even though her dressing style seems to be shocking for a future mother, because most of her clothes are tight.
When the topic about Kim Kardashian weight gain came up during the interview journalists asked her if she was content and confident about her looks the answer was negative. One of the reasons because of this kind of answer is also different public reaction towards her fuller body shape.
Another reason for Kim‘s dissatisfaction about herself is that she cannot wear her favorite high heels anymore because her feet are swollen, so she can wear only flats.
Reality star likes to wear what she wants and with her baby’s father Kanye West she goes public in different styles for example she went to the Met Ball in a ridiculous floral dress, but the public reaction does not matter so much for her because she learned to adapt to everything negative that people say about her and about her body shape.
Kim states that she will have the rest or her life to lose weight and be as she was before pregnancy again. She also reveals that her bigger support during these months was her mother Kris Jenner.
Kim Kardashian weight gain does not bother her anymore, although it was a hard thing to adapt to it when the baby started kicking Kim started to love mothering. She seems satisfied with her figure and happy about the upcoming birth of her child that will take place in July.

what are your thoughts on Kim Kardashian weight gain story?

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