Kirstie Alley Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Kirstie Alley weight gain?

Kirstie Alley weight gain began to happen since 2004 as she states herself. She states that all her life she had to take care of her body, do some exercises and keep to a strict diet and in 2003 her wish to be perfect ended and she just wanted to be a mother and eat whatever she wants to. She states that she wanted to do ordinary things as a mother to cook food for her children, spend time with them, taste whatever she is cooking and bake some cakes, because children love sweets.
Kirstie Alley weight gain began because of her wish to taste everything that she bakes and because she started to drink a lot of grape sodas, she used to have twelve of them a day and that was when her weight started to put on fast. Kirstie is 61 and at some point of her life she used to weight even 230.
When she was a part of the project “Dancing with the Stars” she has lost about 100 pounds due to her organic diet and the fact that she had to work out again and practice and learn a lot of dances, so she was moving a lot again in her life.
Kirstie Alley weight gain happened after her early menopause that took place when she was 41. She did not understand why this was happening, but when the time passed it was even harder. Her weight began to increase even more and she did not know how to keep it off and it was really hard for Kirstie. She admits that there was a time in her life when she was happy about her health state and her body shape; it was when she was a swimmer.
Kirstie Alley weight gain was unexpected for her, because in her early years until she was 52, she states that she could eat whatever she wanted and she would not gain anything. She states that when it all began to go into this direction of gaining a lot she did not know how to eat less, because of her old habits to eat as much as she wants to.
Thus, Alley has lost some weight while participating in this contest, Kirstie Alley weight gain is obvious again, and she has put on as much as she lost and more. Alley seems to be unhappy about it but does not know how to change it.

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