Kylie Jenner weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Kylie Jenner weight gain?

As this young starlet is constantly in the centre of media attention, even the slightest Kylie Jenner weight gain cannot go unnoticed. As you might already know, Kylie gained prominence appearing on hit reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The show followed the daily life of Bruce Jenner, the former athlete and Olympic gold winner, his wife Kris Kardashian, former model, entrepreneur and socialite and their kids. Kylie and her older sister Kendall are the only mutual kids of the couple, while Kim, Khloe Kourney and Rob were born while Kris was still married to the lawyer of Armenian descent. Kylie, as well as her sister, has also featured in the shows that centered on the personal lives of their half- sisters: Kourney and Khloe Take Miami, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Although the scandalous Kardashians have stolen most of the attention, the beautiful Jenner sisters were noticed too.
Long before the whole buzz around Kylie Jenner weight gain started, the teenager began modeling and even landed a contract with Seventeen, becoming their ambassador. One of her first jobs in fashion industry was demonstrating Sears clothing line titled “Crush Your Style”. Following this the young beauty has done photo shoots for Teen Vogue and OK! magazines. She has also modeled for the clothing company owned by her cousin, Natasha. According to Kylie, two of the most memorable occasions when she walked the runaway were New York Fashion Week (when she modeled for clothing collection Abbey Dawn, developed by the famed singer Avril Lavigne) and Hello Kitty Launch for Forever 21 collection. Plus, together with her sister Kylie featured on Paper’s article series “Beautiful People”
The single fact that this teenager continues her modeling career to this day proves that Kyle Jenner weight gain was not excessive. She might have added on a couple of pounds, but that is it. In the photos that were taken most recently the young starlet looks as gorgeous as always. Yes, she might be a little curvier than her sister, who has recently bragged that due to her extremely fast metabolism she could not gain weight even if she tried, but that doesn’t make her any less attractive. In fact, you could find thousands of people who think that Kylie, who looks more like her sexy half-sister Kim, is much more attractive than her skinny sibling Kendal.
Does Kylie Jenner weight gain makes her feel bad about herself? This is not likely. In one of her recent interviews the teenager has mentioned that establishing a successful career as a model is not among her priorities anyway. Unlike her sister, Kylie thinks it is more important to go to college and get an education.

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Kylie Jenner weight gain

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