Lady Gaga Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Lady Gaga weight gain?

The popular people like Lady Gaga should be happy about their looks, but not when she got extra weight. Lady Gaga weight gain seems shocking for other famous people. For example Kelly Osbourne says her opinion in public about this and how she thought that the famous singer was pregnant. Lady Gaga weight gain seems like a pregnancy, because she did many actions that pregnant women do, like covering up parts of her body and not doing anything with her hair (it is said that pregnant women cannot dye their hair).
However the strange event is not pregnancy at all it is just a simple fact that Lady Gaga weight gain happened. The singer refuses to lose any weight it is like her “body revolution”. Furthermore, she writes about this in her personal social networking and talks about her weight gain openly on the air. She gained even 25 pounds. She talked in some radio stations about this openly and admitted that her body seems nice for her the way that it is.
Some extra pounds does not seem to bother her at all, she seems happy about the way that she looks Lady Gaga weight gain does not change her life. She states that she got tired of all the diets that she had to get through with in order to keep fit, but know she can worry only about her music, not about her body forms. The singer compares herself with Adele, because she is big, but looks beautiful and her weight does not make her ugly. Lady Gaga talks about the positive things of being 25 pounds bigger, she claims that she is confident and that she can be helpful for young people, because she shows that body forms are not the most important thing. Also Gaga mentions al the positive emotions that she gets in restaurants and how she gets weight when eating the things that she wants to.
Although people used to see her in extravagant clothes, different dresses made from extraordinary material, the singer seems to be changed in a more positive way.
The famous singer is happy about the way that she can eat and all the delicious food that she can taste when going to different restaurants. So it seems that Lady Gaga weight gain is a good thing that happened to her and improved the singer’s way of enjoying life.

what are your thoughts on Lady Gaga weight gain story?

Lady Gaga weight gain Lady Gaga weight gain Lady Gaga weight gain

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