Lana Del Rey weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Lana Del Rey weight gain?

Since the day she ascended to stardom, every detail of her life, including Lana Del Rey weight gain, has been under the closest scrutiny. Not a lot of people know that this elegant starlet, real name Elizabeth Grant, was a pretty troubled teenager. She started drinking and partying at an early age and by the time she turned 15 her parents had to send her to the boarding school, so she would grow apart from the bad company she’s been keeping and start dealing with her alcohol addiction. After spending three years in Connecticut, Elizabeth returned to Bronx, where she studied metaphysics. In one of her recent interviews the 27-year-old mentioned that she chose this branch of philosophy because she was interested in both God and science.
Long before she became an international star and tabloids all over the world started dishing about Lana Del Rey weight gain she was performing in the underground clubs in Brooklyn and Bronx. Although she had a small devoted fanbase, back in the day the teenager did not even think about becoming a professional singer. She was simply using words and guitar chords to express her emotions, having a good time performing under various stage names, such as Phenomena, Sparkle Jump Rope Queen and Lizzy Grant.
If you google the later one of these pseudonyms, you will see that back in the day this singer looked nothing like the diva we know. Of course, one of the things that make her look so different is an obvious Lana Del Rey weight gain. If you look at the photos taken when she was in her late teenage years, you will see that back then Elizabeth was as skinny as possible. Meanwhile in the photos taken most recently the starlet looks feminine and curvy. In fact, curvy might be a little bit of an understatement. Compared to some of the modern day starlets who look almost anorexic, Lana could actually be called chubby. At least in some of the scenes, it looks like she has not only full hips, but also a solid belly. If you don’t trust our judgment, you can take a good look at her figure yourself in the music video Friday. In this footage the singer puts her body on full display as she slips into the tiny red bikini, enacting the small-town stripper.
According to some tabloids and numerous internet bloggers, the recent Lana Del Rey weight gain is not the only thing that contributed to her transformation. If you compare her old photos with the recent ones, you will notice that over the last few years Lana’s lips got much fuller. Although the singer claims that she did not have any cosmetic surgeries, most of people believe that she has either lip implants or injections.

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Lana Del Rey weight gain

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