Lara Bingle Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Lara Bingle weight gain?

Lara Bingle weight gain happened because she did not control what she was eating and did not exercise enough. She has weighted 139 labels when her body forms were fuller and now dropped a big part of it because of her strict lifestyle that she changed.
Lara opens up about her weight loss, which happened because mostly her boyfriend who is a fashion designer encouraged her and he was her biggest motivation in improving her body lines and coming back to the forms that she used to had before Lara Bingke weight gain happened.
Lara Bingle weight gain was starting to get in the way of her living a normal life, because she was not happy about herself. So she began to change her eating habits and tried to make her quality of life healthier. She states that she has lost everything that once was in her way. Lara seems to be ahppy about her looks and she enjoys being at the beach and showing off her body for everyone in two piece bikini.
Lara’s boyfriend seems to also be happy about her body lines and the way that she managed to improve them. He is the longest term relationship that Lara has ever had and they even could be announcing engagement soon.
Lara Bingle weight gain was lost when she decided that she can be consistent about it and do everything that it takes. Her personal couch taught her that if you are consistent and know what you are doing that anything is possible. Lara changed her eating habits and worked out a lot and kept to strict rules of her pilates.
However some people think that Lara has lost too much and does not look healthy anymore. Thus, her show Being Lara Bingle can set a really bad example for teenage girls that worry too much about their weight because in one of the series, the basic topic was how two skinny and nice looking girls had to lose five more kilograms. So this is a serious issue for people. Because teenage girls often have an eating disorder, because they count calories and try to become as the popular women that set an example for them.
So was Lara Bingle weight gain such a bad thing as setting an example to girls over the world to love their bodies the way that they are? Many people say that she was better looking with fuller forms and now the example that she shows is not so good.

what are your thoughts on Lara Bingle weight gain story?

Lara Bingle weight gain Lara Bingle weight gain Lara Bingle weight gain

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