Leann Rimes weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Leann Rimes weight gain?

During the last months there has been a huge buzz around Leann Rimes weight gain. You are wondering who this lady is? Leann is an American pop and country singer. A breakthrough in her professional career came particularly early. At the age 13 Rimes was already famous for performing “Blue” together with Bill Mack. The last country artist who ascended to stardom this early was the legendary Tanya Tucker. By the end of 1996 Leann Rimes has already released her debut album, which was titled Blue, just like the song that turned her into a star. The record was a major commercial success and distributed millions of copies all over the world. The awards this singer currently holds proves that Leann Rimes weight gain is not the only reason she is worth your attention. Since the beginning of her professional career the owner of the rich vocal has won three ACMs, CMA, two Grammies, American Music Award and even twelve Billboard Music Awards.
Just a year ago Leann was as skinny as possible. However, the photos taken this summer clearly evidenced that she has packed on at least several pounds. Before we continue, we must say that even after this transformation the singer still is not fat. The weight she has gained does not concentrate on her belly or hands alone, as it often happens. It has evenly distributed all through her body, making her figure more feminine. Despite that, the sudden Leann Rimes weight gain gave rise for the rumors that the singer is expecting a baby. Given that the singer is 31 years old and has been married to her current husband for two years now, pregnancy seemed like quite a logical explanation.
Besides, you might be interested to hear the story behind the current Lean’s marriage with actor Eddie Cibrian. When the two hooked up for the first time, both of them already had families: Leann had been married to Dean Sheremet for 9 years and Cibrian had a wife for 8 years. Their extra marital affair did not slip through the eyes of journalists and paparazzi. When the story was covered by the media, both Leann’s husband and Cibrian’s wife filed for divorce. In one of her recent interviews the singer has claimed that although she feels sorry that her love affair hurt her former husband, she is glad that the things ended the way it did. This allows us to guess that at the time of meeting Cibrian, Leann already was disappointed with her first husband and that she feels happier with Eddie. Despite that, it looks like the couple is not ready to become parents yet: the actress has publicly denied rumors about her pregnancy. Thus the reason behind Leann Rimes weight gain remains a mystery.

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Leann Rimes weight gain

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