Mariah Carey Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Mariah Carey weight gain?

Mariah Carey weight gain happened because of her pregnancy, she was expecting twins so her weight increased a lot. Mariah admits herself that it has been a long and hard road that she has taken in order to go back to the past and have her body lines the way they used to be before giving birth.
Mariah even jokes about herself and states that she has gained 60 labels, but when looking at her pictures it seems that she has gained more than nine thousand. And she notes that she has always felt empathy for people that have to lose a lot of weight.
Mariah Carey weight gain made her think, that getting back her original body forms is impossible and she will never achieve this, so now she understands how other people feel when they decide to lose weight because they think that their body is too big.
However, despite all the doubts that she had, Mariah proved to everyone and mostly to herself that she can do whatever she wants to. Mariah Carey weight gain was lost and she can show of her body shapes with proud and enjoyment in herself. She managed to lose 30 labels in only three months and showed her perfect legs in one photo shoot wearing a short dress and high heels.
Mariah also admits that pregnancy was one of the happiest events in her life but also one of the hardest. She states that it was hard to see how her body was changing and her weight putting on, but made her happy because she knew that by the end she is going to be a mother of two wonderful boys.
Mariah Carey weight gain happened because she eat everything that she wanted to while expecting the babies and she did not keep to a particular diet and did not refuse any food even the one that was not so healthy.
Now she understands that the basic thing in losing her extra weight was not exercising, but keeping to a strict diet, her weight loss depended 90 % to her diet. She states herself that earlier it was easy to lose weight, she just used to do some extra exercise and that was it. Mariah Carey weight gain did not stop her and even if it seemed impossible to lose it she did it and she states that she did it for herself and not to make other people happy but in order to please herself.

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Mariah Carey weight gain Mariah Carey weight gain Mariah Carey weight gain

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