Mariska Hargitay Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Mariska Hargitay weight gain?

Mariska Hargitay weight gain happened because of her pregnancy as most of the women gain weight and have to lose it after they give birth, so did this famous actress. Mariska admits that it was a pleasure to eat everything that she wanted and gaining weight during a pregnancy is quite nice, because you learn to love your body the way that it becomes due to the new life that grows in you.
She decided to lose the most part of her weight before going to the gym and sweating out the other part that would be left. She stated that even if her parents were famous and she has to take up after her mother, who died when Mariska was only 3 years old, she states that her body is supposed to be feminine and she does not want to be skinny at all, she wants to have her body lines the way they used to be. Mariska Hargitay weight gain was not meant to stay with her for a long time.
Mariska Hargitay weight gain was a trouble that she decided to fix from the moment that she gave birth to her son. She decided to watch over what she was eating in order to return to her fitting shapes that she used to have as the famous detective in one television series. She started to eat more vegetables and organic food. Also she began to drink a lot of water and now she does not even go out anywhere without a bottle of water.
After six weeks of her diet Mariska Hargitay weight gain had reduced to a minimal point when she could go to work out. She went to a gym in New York that was located near her home. Her workout started with three days a week with a program that lasted 55 minutes a day. Thus, Mariska went for a swim whenever she had time for it, because she liked it, and she used to belong to a swimming team, when she was in college.
Mariska Hargitay weight gain reduced in 40 pounds during only two months, she was in perfect shape and felling as healthy as never. She states that her work out helps her fell stronger and confident about herself; she does not feel weak or ugly. Her figure proves to every women that they can also do it after their pregnancy and look nice again.

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Mariska Hargitay weight gain Mariska Hargitay weight gain Mariska Hargitay weight gain

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