Melissa McCarthy weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Melissa Mccarthy weight gain?

If you look on the internet, there are probably more articles that discuss Melissa McCarthy weight gain then the ones that talk about her professional achievements. Thus before start digging into the first of these topics too, let us briefly remind you how this actress gained prominence. Melissa started her professional career in 1997, appearing on one of the episodes of television series Jenny. The following year she made her movie debut as Margaret on God. During the first three years of the 2000s, the actress has featured in a several films and television shows, including Charlie’s Angels, Disney’s The Kid, The Life of David Gale and The Third Wheel, but did not manage to land any significant roles. A breakthrough in McCarthy’s career came up in 2000, when she was cast for popular television series Gilmore Girls. Her next big role was in the movie The Nines, where Melissa acted alongside Ryan Reynolds. Since then she has also appeared in Life as We Know It, The Back-Up Plan, The Heat, Identity Thief, and the comedy Hangover Part III.
Those who remember this actress in her twenties know that back then Melissa McCarthy weight gain was not among her problems. Or at least, that’s how it looked from the other side of the camera. In one of her recent interviews the actress have revealed that even during the 90s, when she was in a pretty good shape, fluctuating from the size 6 to 8, she felt too chubby. Back then the actress dreamed she would be the size 4 or even 2. As the years went by, Melissa McCarthy weight gain process intensified until she started looking really overweight. This transformation gave rise to tides of fierce criticism. One of the movie critics went as far as to call the comedian “truck-sized” and added that during her career Melissa has succeeded at only two things: being obnoxious and being obese.
The actress has recently admitted than back in the day when she was in her twenties and early thirties she was really sensitive to such criticism. However, with age she has come to realization that if you want to work in Hollywood and remain psychologically healthy, you have to learn how to ignore the haters. Now that the actress is 42 years old, she can calmly say that during her lifetime she has probably been every size in the world and that does not bother her. The reasons behind Melissa McCarthy weight gain are quite simple. First of all, the comedian admits that she is no good at following diets and strict workout routines. Second, she is already in her 40s and has given birth to two kids: both of these factors contributed to her transformation as they slowed down her metabolism.

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Melissa Mccarthy weight gain

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