Michelle Trachtenberg weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Michelle Trachtenberg weight gain?

The talks about Michelle Trachtenberg weight gain has been here and off at least since 2010. For those who have not heard much about this starlet, here is a short description of her professional career. Michel made her television debut with Wisk Detergent add and went on to film for over 100 commercials. In 1994 she landed a role as Nona F. Mecklenberg in TV series the Adventures of Pete & Pete. A breakthrough in Michelle’s acting career came up in the second half of the 1990s, as she was cast for the movie Harriet the Spy. Since then this young actress has appeared in variety of films, including 17 Again, EuroTrip, Ice Princess and Black Christmas. She also had a role on hit teenage television series Gossip Girl.
It was about the time when the starlet was filming for this latest television project that the whole buzz around Michelle Trachtenberg weight gain started. In Gossip Girl, Trachtinger had a reoccurring role as Georgina Sparks, a mean, treacherous teenager. Michelle has first appeared on the show when the first season was already close to the end. It is safe to say that her debut in these TV series was thunderous: in that episode Serena, one of the main characters, learned that sleeping with Nate, her best friend’s boyfriend, was not the only mistake she has made the night over a year ago. Apparently, after parting ways with Nate she met Sparks and the two wild teenagers continued the party in the hotel room. Unfortunately, the guy who had celebrated with them did not live to see the morning.
As the young actress debuted in famed TV series, a couple of internet commentators have raised the question of Michelle Trachtenberg weight gain. They simply mentioned that in their opinion the actress looked a bit fuller that she was in her earlier roles and asked whether some other viewers have noticed that too. Back in 2008 such comments received relatively few responses. Besides, quite a few of them pointed out that only a person who has a sick body image could criticize Michelle’s looks. However, by 2010 the attitudes of Gossip Girl’s fans seemed to have changed. As the starlet appeared in the third season of these television series, tens of internet commentators noted that the actress have packed on quit a few extra pounds. According to them, Trachtenberg’s cheeks were rounder than ever, while she has also developed a double-chin.
However, it looks that the talks about Michelle Trachtenberg weight gain were blown out of proportion. Looking at her photos taken in 2008, 2010 and 2013 it is hard to believe that since her debut on Gossip Girl the actress has gained more then 3-5 pounds.

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Michelle Trachtenberg weight gain

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