Mila Kunis weight gain – why did this happen?

So, what are the reasons of Mila Kunis weight gain?

Mila Kunis weight gain happened after her shocking weight loss while preparing to act in the movie Black Swan. This is seen as a healthy thing to do by many people. It happened because she is preparing to act in a new movie Blood Ties, which is about two brothers that become involved in organized crime. The action takes place in 1970s.
Mila Kunis weight gain too place because she lost 95 pounds while acting with famous Natalie Portman in Black Swan, a movie about ballet dancing. The movie is also about psychological issues that ballet dancers have or get during their carrier. The 28-year old actress lost 20 pounds in order to play the role of Lily.
As the actor says herself, it is possible to lose a lot of weight, because a person’s physical body can do a lot of things if you believe that you can do it. Furthermore, Mila Kunis was nominated along with Natalie Portman for their roles in Black Swan.
The actress reveals the difficulties of becoming slim and how they had to manage in doing it. Mila had to live according to the strict diet and count her calories, she had to do exercise every day and become as slim as ballet dancers are. Even though she had to be slim, Natalie Portman had to be even slimmer. Ballerinas do not have any fat on them, so they had to lose everything that got in the way of becoming a ballet dancer.
Mila Kunis weight gain, which started after the movie, gained her weight into different parts of the body, as she notices, not the ones that lost it. Furthermore, she is against any operations to make her body more attractive, but she understands that this opinion can change in some time, as she tells to journalists that they should ask her about this in ten years and the answer could be different.
At the moment she is content with herself and her appearance and does not want to change a thing. There is an existing opinion that if a person is fat that his inner state is beautiful, he is smart and has a great personality and vice versa, but Mila Kunis disagrees . She states that she is beautiful and not stupid and Mila Kunis weight gain makes her more beautiful.

what are your thoughts on Mila Kunis weight gain story?

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