Minka Kelly weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Minka Kelly weight gain?

Minka Kelly weight gain and loss has been among the tabloids’ favorite topics since the beginning of her professional career. Before we start discussing her weight, let us briefly remind you about her achievements in movies and television. The first Kelly’s acquisition with showbiz was not particularly pleasant. Once during the test shoot for Los Angeles modeling agency, the 19-year-s was approached by a former model who claimed she could help her to achieve career in Playboy, if she agreed to make some changes in her body. That time the problem was not Minka Kelly weight gain. The former model was convinced that Minka’s bust is too small for such kind of work and tried to convince her to have breast augmentation surgery. As Minka couldn’t afford paying for the procedure, the woman suggested that she could get her a job at surgeon’s office and that instead of paying her for working hours, he could “thank” her by making the surgery for free.
Eventually Minka turned down the offer. Luckily for her, this decision did not shut the door into the showbiz. In 2003 Minka debuted in a short movie Turbo-Shot Prelude. Since then she has appeared in variety of television shows and movies, including Entourage, Drake & Josh, American Dream, The Pumpkin Carver, The Kingdom, Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Charlie’s Angels and The Roommate. Those who have seen any of these films know that Minka Kelly weight gain was never among her problems. In fact the actress was often named among the hottest women in Hollywood and on various occasions appeared on the catwalk as a fashion model.
Amazing figure was not just a gift of God. In one of her interviews Minka revealed that she follows a healthy diet and intensive workout regime. Although the starlet loves sweet food, especially peach clobber, she only allows herself to have one portion of this desert on Sundays. Plus, she does a lot of running. Kelly claims that she does all this to stay healthy and feel good, not to fit somebody’s standards of beauty. For example, in an interview she said that running helps her to clear the mind and get rid of stress. Although there might be some truth in these words, one would have to be naïve to believe that as an actress and model Minka does not feel the pressure to stay slim. However, the recent Minka Kelly weight gain suggests that lately she has been cheating on her diet more often than on Sundays.
Packing some additional pounds is not the only transformation that the actress has undergone during the last months. She has also bleached her hair, which used to be brown!

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Minka Kelly weight gain

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