Miranda Lambert Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Miranda Lambert weight gain?

In one magazine the bold country songstress speaks about herself openly and shares her thoughts about a lot of things including her body. Miranda Lambert weight gain happened because she did not exercise so much and does not eat healthy food.
She states herself that she will never be stick-thin, because she does not care about this. She even jokes that skinny actresses makes her feel hungry. Miranda Lambert weight gain does not bother her, because being a size 8 is not the end of the world, and when she sees a size 4 on television Miranda admits that her only though is that this girl really needs to eat something more.
Miranda is an example for women, that being fuller does not mean that you have to judge yourself and do something about it. She talks about the way that women come to her and admit that seeing Miranda so confident about herself makes them feel that they can do it also.
However, Miranda Lambert weight gain is noticeable while looking at her older pictures. And she claims that she asked her husband why he had not told her that she was looking fat. Thus, his answer only flatters her, because he tells that his only job is to tell her that she looks beautiful.
Like most of the people Miranda hates exercise, but she does it anyway because she loves it afterwards and does it to please her trainer. Most of her nights she spends on stage so she does not do any exercise there with her guitar. In addition, her personal trainer has to what she eats after her shows. So instead of a burger she gets grilled-chicken salad. Miranda admits that she loves to eat a lot after her show, even if it may seem too late to have a lot of food.
Miranda Lambert weight gain does not bother her to like her own body, she even has her favorite part, that is her butt, even though she agrees that it is big and she doubts if her personal trainer would agree that it is the most beautiful part of her body Miranda loves her butt and is happy about it.

what are your thoughts on Miranda Lambert weight gain story?

Miranda Lambert weight gain Miranda Lambert weight gain Miranda Lambert weight gain

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