Mischa Barton Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Mischa Barton weight gain?

Mischa Barton weight gain may seem shocking after her role in The O.C. She used to be the goddess of most teen while she played her role as Marissa. This TV series was really popular and she looked great. All the time she was hot while she played this role and everyone admired her looks.
Six years passes after the show and people see Mshca completely different. Some people may still think that she looks beautiful, but Mischa Barton weight gain does not suit her, she really weights too much. It is nice that she does not put so much make up on her, but her dressing style is not attractive at all. She wears tiny jeans that make her legs look more fat and massive and that does not help to look hot.
What is the reason for Mischa Barton weight gain? Her problems have been published online fairly well and the reasons are obvious. She used to drink a lot and she had drug problems, so after trying to fix it she gained weight that does not fit her.
After her role in The O.C Micha claims that she is happy to be regular again not as famous as she used to be, she tells that she does not miss the spotlight, because she can feel safer not being so popular. She states that there is a negative side of popularity that Mischa experienced. All the attention that she used to have was not always as friendly as it may seem from aside.
Thus, Mischa’s economical state may seem harder now, because she had to rent her house for an absurd sum of money, because she does not have enough to live there. So not all of her troubles disappeared for now, but she states that it is getting better, she has been offered some roles in films that did not have a big budget, but still she liked them.
Further, Mischa Barton weight gain is slowly disappearing, because recently she showed in a bikini and looked quite decent in it for someone that spent the past three years being fat and fighting against alcohol she seems quite healthy and happy.

what are your thoughts on Mischa Barton weight gain story?

Mischa Barton weight gain Mischa Barton weight gain Mischa Barton weight gain

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