Nastia Liukin Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Nastia Liukin weight gain?

Nastia Liukin in 2004 was the best gymnast in the United States it was unfortunate that she was too young to participate in the Olimpic Games. In 2008 she was crowned as the Olympic-all-around champion. And what happened after that.
Nastia Liukin weight gain was inevitable, because she went to the gym just to do some exercises, but not gymnastics, she tried to go to university in Dallas, but the classes were hard and her training at the gym took time also. So she was in between sports and studies until her parents sat her down and talked to her. Thus, her parents are both gymnasts. They explained to their daughter that she can do what she wants to do ant that they will be there for her.
Nastia decided to go back to gymnastics and leave her studies for some time in order to achieve her goals. Nastia Liukin weight gain was not noticeable for other people, but she felt herself that her body had changed. Moreover, she claims that the biggest thing for her was to get back in shape, because she never stayed out of the gym longer than three days earlier, but now she had to work hard in order to go back to the way it used to be.
Moreover, there were good things that happened to her after the Olympics. Nastia got to meet all king of stars and be in different TV shows. However now she has to turn down some opportunities f she wants to achieve something more in gymnastics.
She never had to worry about her weight until after Olympics. Nastia Liukin weight gain started to bother her from the minute she noticed that she is getting more weight. Thus, it happened because she took some time of the gym while Nastia used to work out seven days a week and seven hours a day.
Now Nastia is working out as she used to do before her break. Also, she is learning new skills and preparing herself as much as possible. Nastia Liukin weight gain do not bothers her anymore, because she works on making her body perfect and is getting ready to compete again.

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