Nelly Furtado Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Nelly Furtado weight gain?

Nelly Furtado weight gain happened through her brake from music in a few year time. She gave birth to her daughter in 2003 and took up her role as a mother. She admits that when she was at the top of her popularity Nelly had to train a lot in the gym in order to keep her body lines perfect for different photo shoots, so she was doing it to please everyone else but not herself in particular.
Now Nelly Furtado weight gain does not bother her so much as it bothers other. She is 33 years old and she spent four years in search of herself and seems to have found a way to love her body the way that it looks now. She states that she knows now that she has to exercise in order to keep her health better and to be happy about the way that she spends her time in the gym or doing some workouts.
She states that she used to be like everyone else in this kind of business and wanted to look her best in different photos of her that were published in many magazines. So she worked too much and put a lot of efforts in order to look perfect. Once until Nelly Furtado weight gain had not happened, she was offered to take a photo shoot for a Playboy magazine. The strange thing is that she was offered to pose fully dressed and they wanted to pay her even 500,000 of dollars for one photo shoot. However Nelly refused the offer thinking that it would be disgraceful to do it, but she did not reject the opportunity to do it someday if she would want it. Of course, Nelly Furtado weight gain might get in the way for her to refuse such offers nowadays.
Nelly Furtado weight gain happened also because she learned how to eat correctly. She is eating the food that her body acquires and that every person should have in order to stay healthy and to get all the energy that they are supposed to get. Even though she has been singing in her previous songs about her perfect body shapes and how beautiful she looks Nelly seems to have grown out of this and know is completely different. Nelly Furtado weight gain changed her into the better side and now she eats healthy and works out for a good reason.

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