Nicki Minaj weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Nicki Minaj weight gain?

If you landed on this website, you have probably also heard the talks about Nicki Minaj weight gain and wanted to find out whether there is any trough in them. Before we start digging into this topic, let us briefly remind you about the professional achievements of this scandalous singer. As a kid suffering from deprivation, Minaj has spent night and days dreaming about glory and fortunes. However, the beginnings of her career in showbiz were not as easy as she had hoped. The Trinidadian born young woman has finally managed to achieve her lifetime dream in the late 2000s. Nicki’s debut album, entitled Pink Friday, was released when she was already 28 years old. The commercial success of Minaj’s tracks exceeded everyone’s expectations. Pink Friday climbed to No. 1 position on Billboard 200 and distributed millions of copies all over the world. Since then this scandalous artist has released one more commercially successful album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.
Nicki Minaj weight gain and her professional success are not the only reasons why this singer has received so much media attention. The starlet is also known for an extremely eccentric, eclectic style, which has been praised by her fans and criticized by nearly every fashion designer. In addition to that, Nicki has a reputation for turbulent character. However, she is not the only rapper that could be blamed for not being able to control her emotions. The most interesting things happen when two ladies of this kind meet, and that is exactly what happened a couple of years ago. After the release of Pink Friday and Nicki’s video with Eminem, Lil’ Kim, another famed female rapper, blamed the new starlet for copying her style. To that Minaj responded by pointing out that during the last few years Kim seems to have been doing nothing, but looking for reasons to start a fight with the fellow artists. The two starlets continued throwing insults at each other in their tracks. Most critics believe that Nicki’s song “Stupid Whore” actually speaks about Lil’ Kim.
Having said this, we can return to the topic of Nicki Minaj weight gain. The whole buzz started in the beginning of this year, when the singer appeared in the latest Grammy awards ceremony. After the photos from this event have spread in the internet, quite a few bloggers have noted that the starlet seems to have added a few extra pounds. Apparently, the talks about Nicki Minaj weight gain were not plucked out of the fin air. In one of her later interviews the starlet has admitted that right before the ceremony she has packed on some 5 pounds. The starlet claimed she is just incapable of following diets: the single thought that she should drop some weight before the event made her eat even more!

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Nicki Minaj weight gain

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