Nina Dobrev Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Nina Dobrev weight gain?

Nina Dobrev weight gain is luckily going to happen if she puts on weight on her muscles or decided to look more feminine and get new curves. Nina states that she loves yoga and if she would not be an actress, she could perfectly become a yoga coach. She states that it is like an escape for her and that she does yoga at least four times a week and this help in order to keep fit and maintain her body forms.
Nina also has experience in being yoga instructor, because once when she went into yoga class the instructor never came and she went in front and everyone followed it, so she loved it and that was a great experience for Nina.
Nina Dobrev weight gain is also not going to happen because she likes to try different diets and is interested in them. Once she tried being vegetarian but it only lasted for a week, because as she states herself, her body got tired and she felt that she was not getting enough energy from this kind of food that she needed.
However there are people including journalists that think that she does not look healthy and that Nina Dobrev weight gain should happen. She was called to skinny by many people and she thought that maybe they are right and she needs to have a burger and maybe some other unhealthy food.
Further, Nina notes that the times when skinny girls were extremely popular will pass and that boys like girls that are more curvy and natural. She does not mind to have bruises and get dirty, because real girls get dirty and she wants to be real. The famous actress also notes that if Nina Dobrev weight gain would happen she would be pleased about herself the way that she looks, because she came to this point in her life when she loves herself the way that she is.
Nina also states that the beauty of a person lies inside and if people are confident with their looks than they will look beautiful. She also explains what kind of guys she likes. Nina prefers guys that are simple and can look handsome even when they are dressed casual.
All in all Nina Dobrev weight gain would suit her perfectly and she would look healthier, because her body shapes could become fuller and more feminine, besides that she already has millions of fans all over the world because of her role in The Vampire Diaries.

what are your thoughts on Nina Dobrev weight gain story?

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