Olivia Wilde weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Olivia Wilde weight gain?

In the late 2011 the tabloids in America were going crazy screaming about Olivia Wilde weight gain. You are wondering who is this woman and how did she earned all this public attention? Olivia is an American actress who started her professional career appearing on television series The O.C. In this show the young actress portrayed Alex Kelly. You might be interested to know that this character was not Wilde’s first choice. Olivia originally wanted to portray Marissa Cooper, but lost this part for another actress. In 2007 the young woman landed a part on another TV series, titled The Black Donnellys. Since then she has featured in variety of films and movies, such as Cowboys and Aliens, Tron: Legacy, Tron: Uprising, House and People Like Us. However, to this day Olivia is best known for her performance in the movies Alpha Dog, The Girl Next Door and Conversations with Other Woman.
Olivia Wilde weight gain was extremely surprising for those who have seen her in her early roles and new that the actress used to have a perfect figure. Those who have watched the comedy The Girl Next Door do not need additional argument to believe that in the beginning of her career in movies Wilde was smoking hot. In fact, in the late 2000s the actress looked just as amazing as she did in her debut movie. Olivia’s appearance in the comedy Year One, where she has portrayed one of the main characters, princess Inanna, was simply breathtaking. So what happened to this actress in 2011? What were the reasons behind the sudden Olivia Wilde weight gain?
Unfortunately, that year the starlet has went through a painful divorce. The actress and her ex-husband, the Italian filmmaker named Tao Ruspoli, met when she was still a teenager. By the time Olivia turned 20, she was already married to that ten-year-older man. For quite a while her marriage was completely secret. The wedding ceremony was held in a school-bus, with only few witnessers. The couple’s happiness came to an end after some 7 years of marriage and in the early 2011 Olivia announced that she has filed for divorce. Feeling sad and depressed, the actress found it hard to keep up with her intensive workout schedule and stopped watching her calorie intake. We are not the ones to judge her. As you might have already heard (or even experienced), so called “emotional eating” is typical for many people who are going through stress or even depression.
As for 2013, it looks like Olivia Wilde weight gain is already left in the past. The actress looks as slim and gorgeous as ever. Part of the reason for the happiness that just shines in her eyes might be her new relationship with Jason Sudeikis.

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Olivia Wilde weight gain

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