Patsy Kensit weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Patsy Kensit weight gain?

Patsy Kensit weight gain has been among her greatest problems for more than decade. Before we start talking about her struggle to regain slim figure, let’s look back at her career beginnings. Patsy made her television debut at the age 4, appearing on television commercial for Birds Eye. The same year she landed her first major role in a movie For the Love of Ada. During her childhood and early teenage years the starlet has also featured in such movies as The Great Gatsby and television programs like The Adventures of Pollyanna. By the time she turned 16 Patsy was known all over America. That was not enough for her. In the mid 1980s Kensit was quoted saying “I want to be more famous than anything or anyone”. Long before Patsy Kensit weight gain started showing off, she was also a cerebrated singer. Her singles “Cross My Heart” and “I’m Not Scared” entered UK charts and remained there for weeks.
Back in the 80s, when her star was shining brighter than ever, Kensit was as skinny as possible. According to the starlet, during her teenage years and twenties she did not have to pay any effort in order to maintain her slim frame. In one of her recent interviews Patsy claimed that right until she turned 30 she was able to eat whatever she wanted and still would not gain even a single pound. If anything, she was criticized for being too skinny! In 1993, being 25 years old, the actress did pack on a solid amount of pounds. But that was only because she was expecting her first child, James. Even on that occasion Patsy Kensit weight gain was no longer visible within a year after she gave birth. By the way, the father of her first son was Jim Kerr, the lead singer of the band Simple Minds. Before meeting him the young woman was married to Don Donovan from Big Audio Dynamite.
As we have already mentioned, the days when Patsy was able to eat whatever she wants without gaining a pound came to an end when she turned 30. Soon after her birthday the starlet started expecting a son from her third husband, Liam Gallagher. The boy was born in September 1999 and named Lennon in honor of famed musician John Lennon. While carrying a baby, the woman packed on some 30 pounds. Patsy Kensit weight gain was not a problem in itself: before going to labor every woman is expected to gain at least 25 pounds. What troubled the starlet was that this time shedding off pregnancy weight appeared to be an unachievable task. Patsy has struggled to get back to shape for more than decade. It was only a couple of years ago that her efforts started paying off.

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Patsy Kensit weight gain

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