does the pill cause weight gain

does the pill cause weight gain

So in this article we are going to aim to answer the question does the pill cause weight gain. At least from the first sight, the pill seems like a nearly perfect means of contraception. It is reliable, it is convenient (unlike some of the intrauterine hormonal devices) and it does not decrease your fertility in the longer run, that is, you can expect to get pregnant almost as soon as you quit using it. Sure, it is not perfect at least for one reason. And that reason is not a secret for the ladies who have experienced the panic attack which comes when you realize that you have forgotten to take your pill in time. Or when you suddenly realized there is one pill too much left in the box and you have no idea when did this happen.
On the other hand, this means of contraception has some great benefits. To name a few, it helps so regulate your periods, decreases their intensity and in some cases even improves your skin condition. Despite all these pros, there is still one unsettling question that stops thousands of women from starting to use this birth control method. That question is: does the pill cause weight gain? If you are reading this article, the fear of getting out of shape is not unfamiliar for you too.
So does the pill cause weight gain? If we were living in the 1960, when the hormonal contraceptive pills were first introduced into the market, the answer would be “yes, indeed”. According to some sources, back then these pills used to contain almost 1000 times as much progestogen and oestrogen than it does today. And it is a well known fact that the later of these hormones can cause greater appetite, water retention and mood swings, leading the ladies to start piling on pounds.
However, there are some good reasons to claim that today this means of contraception is not as dangerous for female figure as it used to be. The most important of them is that as we have already mentioned, over the years scientists have improved the pills in such a way that they are just as effective, although the amounts of active hormones are almost incomparably smaller. But… (yes, when it comes to contraception, there always seems to be at least one damn “but”) unfortunately, we still can’t bring you the good news that the answer to the question does the pill cause weight gain is clearly negative. There a great plenty of ladies (and I know quite a few of them personally) who claim they have started piling on pounds because of the pill. However, the increase of weight is rarely greater than 3-5 pounds. That sounds like something you could deal with, does not it?

does the pill cause weight gain does the pill cause weight gain

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