Rachel Hunter weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Rachel Hunter weight gain?

For a brief period in 2008 the media was preoccupied writing about Rachel Hunter weight gain. For those who are currently wondering who this lady is, here is some information. Rachel’s modeling career started in 1986, when a pretty New Zealander moved to the United States and signed a contract with Ford Models, becoming the company’s spokesperson. The same year the young beauty declined an offer to pose for Playboy magazine. Three years later she agreed to participate in a shooting for Sports Illustrated. This photo session brought Hunter an international fame. Fallowing this she posed for the covers of some of the most influential magazines, such as Cosmopolitan. After establishing herself as one of the most-wanted models, Rachel decided to try her talent in movie industry. After taking a series of acting lessons she appeared in a several independent movies, such as A Walk in the Park and Two Shades of Blue, but her career in this field never took off.
Rachel Hunter weight gain and her achievements in the world of fashion are not the only reasons this woman has been in the centre of media attention throughout the 1990s. At the age 21 the model met the famed rock musician Rod Stewart, who is 24 years her senior. The couple got married in 1990 and soon Hunter gave birth for two children. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long. Although their divorce was not finalized until 2006, Rachel and Rod had been living separately since 1999. Unlike many women, the model did not resort into “emotional eating” after divorce. The woman found healthier ways to cope with stress and her figure remained perfect.
However, in 2008 her fans and the rest of people who are interested in showbiz were shocked after witnessing the sudden Rachel Hunter weight gain. The whole buzz started in July, when she appeared on the American reality program Celebrity Circus. The tide of fierce criticism followed, with article headlines shouting “Hunter Bursts out of Her Corset” and “Rachel Hunter: From Fab to Flab”. In one of her interviews the starlet tried to explain her transformation by saying that she only looked bigger because of all the muscle she gained while rehearsing for the reality show.
However, the photos indicate that the trough was different. What accounted for most of Rachel Hunter weight gain was not muscle, but fat. The photos taken in July clearly show her saggy belly and full cheeks. The tide of criticism directed at Hunter’s physical transformation was not the biggest problem the model has faced during that period. In the early 2009 her relationship with 13 year younger hockey player Jarret Stoll started falling apart. Eventually the couple called off their wedding, which was planned for August, and went separate ways.

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Rachel Hunter weight gain

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