Rachel Miner Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Rachel Miner weight gain?

Rachel Miner weight gain is not so obvious and she has not gained so much as it may seem on television. She is the famous star that plays her role as a demon in the popular television series named Supernatural. Due to the fact that she is seen on television her weight seems to be getting a little bit bigger.
Rachel Miner weight gain does not get in the way for her fans to continue loving her and her acting abilities that she clearly demonstrates in Supernatural. Her lines are getting curvier and she is not stereotypically thin ad everyone expects a Hollywood star to be.
Rachel Miner weight gain could be happening because of her health problems, because when filming season 6 she had terrible back problems and could barely walk and she still participated in the filming and tried as best as she could so that no one would see her suffering. And she could have started to take steroids in order to reduce her pain, but no one knows this and her strength is admirable, because not everyone could continue to work in this kind of stage.
Rachel Miner weight gain could have happened because of her eating habits, she could have started to eat more and her weight gets bigger and her cheeks chubbier. But Rachel fans love her anyway. Her character in Supernatural is great and she has gained popularity because of it. Her curvy lines suits Rachel perfectly and her body looks amazing she is an example for woman that they can look sexy without being perfectly slim.
Rachel Miner has also received some criticism because of her weight when she has returned to Supernatural in season 7, but people judge others not knowing all the facts. She had to take remarks about her chubby cheeks and changed figure. The fact is that she had to spend a lot of time, some months in bed because of her health problems and people that talk about her in this way do not understand that Rachel choose her health over her body looks.
Rachel Miner weight gain suits her and her role in the television series Supernatural, because she looks even more feminine that she used to look in previous seasons of it. She is content about her choice to take of her health instead of looking at her figure and she has a lot of fans all over the world that admire her.

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Rachel Miner weight gain

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