Renee Zellweger weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Renee Zellweger weight gain?

During her years in movie industry Renee Zellweger weight gain has been the topic for some heated discussions. The actress started her professional career in the early 1990s, appearing as Mary Lou in television movie A Taste for Killing. During the rest of the decade she has been extremely productive, appearing in almost 20 movies by the year 2000. During that period she has featured in films such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, Empire Records, The Whole Wide World, 8 Seconds, Shake, Rattle and Rock, A Price Above Rubies, Jerry McGuire and Reality Bites. In 1998 Renee landed a role on One True Thing, opposite Meryl Streep and William Hurt, and Nurse Betty. Zellweger’s performance in this later movie has garnered nomination for Golden Globe Award. Than in 2002 the talented starlet earned Academy Award for the Best Actress nomination for the stunning portrayal of Roxie Heart in the cult musical Chicago.
We probably would not be talking about Renee Zellweger weight gain right now, if it was not for her role in Bridget Jones’s Diary. As you might already know, during the 1990s this actress was rather skinny. Her full cheeks might have made her look a little bit chubbier that the narrow standards of beauty that apply in Hollywood would require, but her body has always been toned and fit. To keep in shape Renee has followed a healthy diet and exercise regularly. The actress was asked to temporarily abandon her normal lifestyle as he was cast as Bridget Jones. In fact, Renee Zellweger weight gain was undisputable condition for her to get the part.
In order to pile on 25 pounds and to look like the chubby character from Helen Fielding’s novel the actress had to change her diet almost completely. In one of her interviews Renee has revealed that for nearly 3 months before the shooting started she has been consuming 5000 calories per day. Her daily menu included plenty of junk food, French fries, drive-through burgers, pasta, pizza, milkshakes, battered beef and up to 25 donuts. Zellweger does not even want to remember this period during which she has been always feeling on the verge to puking.
The actress had to put quite a lot of time and energy in order to get rid of the extra pounds when the filming was over. Thanks to her stubborn character, by the time Bridget Jones Diary premiered in the cinemas she was fit and lean. However, in a couple of years Renee Zellweger weight gain started showing off again, as she started preparing for the role in the film’s sequel, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. As for 2013, the actress has already regained her pre-Bridget body long ago.

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Renee Zellweger weight gain

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