Sally Struthers weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Sally Struthers weight gain?

Although it has been years since this actress demonstrated slim figure, the recent Sally Struthers weight gain is more shocking than ever. Those of you who were born in the 1990s or later probably have trouble trying to remember who this actress is. Don’t worry- here is a short overview of her professional career. Sally started acting in the 1960s and by the end of decade was widely known in the United States. Those who have seen her 1970’s movie Five Easy Pieces know that when she was in her early twenties Sally Struthers weight gain was not among her problems. Everyone who watched this film got a good look at the actress’ body as she has appeared in quite provocative sex scene with another currently famous actor, Jack Nicholson.
Although Five Easy Pieces received rather positive critical reviews, launching Bob Rafelson’s and Jack Nicholson’s careers, it was not this movie that turned Sally into the star. The actress gained nationwide recognition for the portrayal of Gloria Stivic on situation comedy All in the Family. She wouldn’t have landed the role on these television series if the Producer Norman Lear had not noticed Sally dancing on another show, titled The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. The audience found Struthers so admirable, the producers offered her to film for the spin-off series Gloria. As this show got canceled after the first season, Sally appeared on variety of other television programs, including match Game, Win Lose or Draw and Still Standing. Her next major role was on television series Gilmore Girls, where the actress portrayed Babette Dell.
To understand the actual scale of Sally Struthers weight gain you should look for the photos in which this actress is captured in the seventies, alongside the cast of situation comedy All in the Family. There are numerous factors that could help to explain her transformation. First of all, in the late 1970s the actress gave birth to a girl, Samantha Struthers Rader. The father of her child was Sally’s husband, William C. Rader. Although back in the day when the couple started dating William worked as a psychiatrist and did not plan on pursuing career in showbiz, after getting married to Struthers he started working on various television programs.
Needless to say, considering her pregnancy Sally Struthers weight gain was completely normal. According to the doctors, while carrying a baby everywoman is expected to gain at least 25 pounds. As many young mothers, Sally had trouble getting rid of her pregnancy weight. The actress continued to pile on pounds as she got older. This can be easily explained by slowing metabolism: as we get older we must cut-down on our calorie intake or start exercising more to retain the same weight. In most cases, this is easier said than done!

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Sally Struthers weight gain

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