Sara Rue weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Sara Rue weight gain?

Before we start talking about Sara Rue weight gain let us briefly remind you about the key moments in her professional career. The starlet made her acting debut in the late 1980s, appearing on Rocket Gibraltas and went on to appear on variety of television series, such as Roseane, Phenom, Blossom, Minor Adjustments, Pearl, Happily Ever After: Fairy tales for Every Child and Ned and Stacey. In 1999 she landed a reoccurring role on television series Popular, where she remained for two years. Her next notable role was on the show Less Than Perfect, where she portrayed Claude Casey. During her career Rue has also appeared on variety of movies, including Can’t Hardly Wait, A Map of the World, A Simple Down Life, Gipsy 83, the Ring, Danny Roane: The First Time Doctor, Nurses, Man Maid and For Christ’s Sake.
Those who have followed her professional career know that Sara Rue weight gain was not something that happened over a night. In fact, the actress has never fallen in line with the narrow standards of beauty that are normally applied in Hollywood. Despite her overweight, by the mid 2000s the young actress has gathered quite a wide fanbase. Women all over the world adored Sara for her self confidence and ability to always stay positive about her looks. Even when the actress continued to pack on pounds, there were relatively few people who dared to criticize her weight without hiding behind the status “Anonymous”.
Although in this particular case the internet commentators were not particularly cruel, it seems like Sara Rue weight gain has bothered her more than anyone else. That is why in 2009 the actress joined Craig’s weight loss program. She made significant changes in her eating habits and started following a strict diet. Although keeping up with the workout schedule and resisting fast food, as well as chocolate, required a lot of will, the young woman managed to achieve her goal. By 2011 she has lost some 50 pounds! After this program Rue body looked as if she had just climbed out of the magazine: she was slim, yet curvy and feminine. Looking better than ever, Sara got married to her second husband, the teacher named Kevin Price. Before that the starlet was wedded with director, writer and producer Mischa Livingstone, but their relationship ended in 2007.
However, by the early 2013 the internet commentators and tabloid journalists were shouting about Sara Rue weight gain once again. This time the reason behind her transformation was joyful: apparently the actress was pregnant with her first child. As for today, Sara is already a mother of a beautiful daughter. So far she’s enjoying motherhood and not hurrying to get back into the gym.

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Sara Rue weight gain

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