Scarlett Johansson Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Scarlett Johansson weight gain?

Scarlett Johansson weight gain happened because she has stopped to be on strict diets after the Avenger movie, where she has acted with a cat suit and she admits that she had to put a lot of effort in order to look good in it and to lose weight which got in the way.
Now Scarlett Johansson weight gain happened because she likes to enjoy her food and cannot stop eating buffalo chicken wings whenever she can. She likes to spend time enjoying delicious meals and admits that they are important in enjoying life.
Therefore in order to lose Scarlett Johansson weight gain she had to train a lot and do quite hard exercises. She states that she had to watch what she was eating and her diet had to be strict, mostly she ate product that were good for muscle and gave you energy. After eating she states that she had to go into the gym and work like crazy and it was a hard work to do. She notes that in order to do it you have to be concentrated, because without just training physically she had to learn to fight and learn some important moves of fighting.
Scarlett Johansson weight gain had to leave her, because as she states herself, being the only female among other male heroes of the movie is hard with training and learning the moves it would be impossible without it. She notes that making the movie was really intense, because there always were either fighting, either a lot of explosions or the main characters would argue among them, because they were so different and placed in one room.
Scarlett Johansson weight gain after important roles in the movies seems to be coming back after each movie is finished. First, she had to work out and train a lot in order to look good in the same cat suit in the movie Iron Man 2, but as soon as it ended she began to eat normally again, also being in Iron Man 2 did not acquired so much work out because she participated not in a lot of scenes with her cat suit. Thus, in Avengers she was important so her routine had to be even more intense.
Scarlett Johansson weight gain keeps coming back after she manages to lose it. It is a good thing that she is capable of getting fit again, but if she was not, she would still have fans all over the world that would love her the way that she is.

what are your thoughts on Scarlett Johansson weight gain story?

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