Selena Gomez Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Selena Gomez weight gain?

Rumors have spread that Selena Gomez has started a program in order to lose weight, but is that really necessary? It looks like Selena Gomez weight gain should happen instead of her weight loss, because she is starting to look not so healthy anymore.
Selena has started her diet in order to maintain her perfect figure and to stay fit and lose extra fat that she has on herself. She wants to be the goddess of all girls. It seems that her diet is not so hard to achieve and takes a short time notice.
However Selena Gomez weight gain happens because of her wish to eat a lot of junk food and that is the main reason why she has to stay on diet. She may seem not healthy, but the basic reason for this is all the sweets and other junk food that she consumes, so she promised herself that she will put a stop to this and try to eat healthy, more vegetables, drink juice and consume products that are good for her health.
Selena Gomez weight gain seems like an event that is never happening, because she has everything planned. Her daily routine is strict. She starts her breakfast with 100 calories and it is made from turkey, eggs or soy-beans, from products that are high in iron and gives energy for a person’s body. She has a protein rich lunch with 150 calories, also some daily snacks made of 100 calories are eaten by her and her dinner makes only 150 calories. This may seem extreme and not enough to keep up a good health but Selena is satisfied with her diet and happy about her body lines.
She even gives advice how to have a beautiful bikini body and to keep it perfect. Selena says that no trash food can be eaten, she gives names of good products, like eggs, bananas, turkey, almond milk and others that do not gain weight.
Although for some people she may seem not so well or too slim Selena Gomez weight gain is not going to happen any time soon, because the young star wants to feel perfect about herself and does everything she can in order to achieve this goal.

what are your thoughts on Selena Gomez weight gain story?

Selena Gomez weight gain Selena Gomez weight gain Selena Gomez weight gain

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