Shawn Johnson Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Shawn Johnson weight gain?

Shawn Johnson has accomplished a lot in her carrier, from winning medals in Beijing Games to showing good results in “Dancing with the Stars” show. But the topic on Shawn Johnson weight gain made her doubt her looks. There was a part in her life when she waited more than normally and people were used to see her with 6% total body fat and when she got more weight the public reaction was far way from being nice.
Shawn Johnson weight gain showed her that people worry about their looks too much, and put way too much attention to the look of others as well. She was shocked when she read all the criticism about herself that was posted online by other people, but this taught her to stay strong when others want you to fail and to keep your head up high and be happy about yourself the way you are.
Shawn Johnson weight gain was seen negative not just in sports, but also in the project “Dancing with the Stars” judges wanted her to be more slim and become more like another competitor, who was a Playboy model.
In gymnastics where there are a lot of struggles with anorexia and bulimia Johnson’s message about body images is spread. She says that people are taught about the way that their body has to look perfect, and try to become more beautiful, but the result is never good enough. People do not have their worth set right in their life, they always listen to others when they hear critics about themselves and they listen even though this might not be true.
Shawn Johnson won medals at the Olympic Games but still, she was not happy about herself and her looks, because other people made her doubt it. Her personal opinion is that girls should be taught differently, they should understand that perfection is found not in your body but everything that you are makes you perfect.
Shawn Johnson weight gain and her talks about this should help teenage girls understand that you don’t have to be slim to be beautiful and the public reaction towards your looks does not make you become ugly.

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Shawn Johnson weight gain Shawn Johnson weight gain Shawn Johnson weight gain

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