Shenae Grimes weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Shenae Grimes weight gain?

For the last few year Shenae Grimes weight gain and loss has been the topic of heated discussions. For those who do not remember who exactly this starlet is, let us revive your memory by briefly describing her career. Shenae gained prominence in 2004, when she was cast for Degrassi: The Next Generations. By 2006 the young and talented actress was the leading star of the program. Despite her popularity with this show, Shenae had bigger ambitions than to remain in her native Canada and continue filming for teenage television series. Thus after two years starring in Degrassi she moved to the United States, where she landed a role of Annie Wilson in the famed show 90210.
If you still remember the tabloid’s headlines in 2008, the talks about Shenae Grimes weight gain must have hit you as a shock. For those who do not keep the memories about celebrities’ personal lives for that long, here is what we are talking about: back in the day when the young actress was still a newcomer in the United States, she was widely criticized for being too fin. During one of her interviews the starlet almost started crying and pointed that some people are unbelievably mean regarding her looks. According to Grimes, she has already lost count of how many times she has heard that she looks like a boy or was accused of being anorexic and thus setting a wrong example for her fans. In an interview for People magazine the actress has claimed that none of the talks about her eating disorders are true. Shenae told the journalist that she has never fallowed the diet that would put her health in danger. She has even encouraged her fans and criticizers to come closer, to see that she has no bones showing trough. According to the actress, her extreme slimness is rather an illusion which arises because of her small frame and bones.
We cannot say whether the actress was happy, when the people finally stopped spreading rumors about her alleged anorexia and instead started talking about Shenae Grimes weight gain. The first messages pointing at her transformation appeared in early 2013. If you look at the pictures that were taken in the beginning of this year and compare them with Grimes’ photos from earlier, you will notice that in the later ones the starlet actually does look a tiny bit fuller. It is plausible that one of the main reasons behind Shenae grimes weight gain was the simple sadness. It was around that period that the actress learned her show is being canceled. As many disappointed women, Shenae might have fallen for the temptation to look for comfort at the fridge.

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Shenae Grimes weight gain

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