Sophie Reade weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Sophie Reade weight gain?

It’s been a while now since Sophie Reade weight gain was one of the hottest topics on the internet. Before we start digging into the question why all of the sudden the starlet gained more than one stone, let us remind you how did she raise to prominence. Sophie’s path to the fame started in 2009, when she entered UK reality television series Big Brother. Chatty and witty, the 20-year-old soon became one of the most popular participants of the show. The public curiosity increased as Reade entered into a bumpy relationship with another televisions star, Kris. Although there were a couple of moments when it seemed like Sophie’s visit in the Big Brother’s residence is about to reach the end, the starlet managed to make it into the finals and won the convincing victory.
Those who have been watching Big Brother since the premier of the tenth season know that Sophie Reade weight gain process started a while after she entered a show. On the first episode the beauty appeared as fit as possible. It would not be true to say that she looked as skinny as the standard fashion model: Sophie’s 30GG bra and curvy hips would not have passed through the eyes of most model agents. Despite that, it seemed like there was no unnecessary pound on her body. According to Reading, a figure this perfect was not just a gift of nature. In order to stay in shape she has been working out with a trainer four times a week. Although Sophie claimed that before entering Big Brother she has followed a pretty strict workout program, she admitted to have never kept in line with a healthy diet.
Her poor eating habits were one of the main reasons behind Sophie Reade weight gain. The starlet has admitted that during the period she was living in Big Brother’s residence hardly ate anything but hamburgers. This was not her only “sin”: Reade flavored all her food with piles of ketchup and other high-calorie sources. The newly-baked television star has also revealed that she used food as a means to cope with boredom and stress. So called “emotional eating”, which has nothing to do with hunger, is actually a psychological problem that bothers millions of women all over the world.
Excessive eating, coupled with lazy lifestyle, resulted in sudden Sophie Reade weight gain. According to Sophie, although she has felt that her body has changed during the show, it was not until she came back home and stepped on the scales that she realized having gained 17 pounds. Luckily for her, with a little enthusiasm Sophie has managed to get rid of most of this weight within a year.

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Sophie Reade weight gain

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