Sophie Simmons weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Sophie Simmons weight gain?

The whole buzz around Sophie Simmons weight gain started in 2011. Those of you who have opened this article out of pure curiosity are currently wondering who the hell this Sophie is, don’t start blaming you short memory for pulling pranks on you. This girl is actually not that famous. But her beloved father certainly is.
Sophie’s dad is a famed Isleali-American song writer, bass guitarist and record producer Gene Simmons, also known as The Demon. He and Sophie’s mother, an actress and a former Playboy model Shannon Tweed, have dated and later lived together since the mid 1970s, but only got married in 2011. Two showbiz veterans, Shannon and Gene, have always been frequent guests at various public event and award ceremonies. That is how the audience became familiar with Sophie. The teenager gained further prominence in 2006, when together with the rest of her family she started filming for reality TV series, titled Gene Simmons Family Jewels. As the girl was constantly in front of the cameras, Sophie Simmons weight gain just could not go unnoticed.
In 2012 the teenager girl received some media attention for her own persona. No, the main reason that has brought her into the centre of curiosity was not Sophie Simmons weight gain. That year the girl decided to try her talent at singing competition X Factor. At first, Sophie did not want her famous parents to be drawn into all this. In fact, she only told them about her plans a day before the competition and expected that the audience, as well as the judges, will not recognize her. The reason why the young Simmons decided to keep her relationship to the legendary rock musician in secret was that she did not want the audience to applaud just because they adore her father. She also did not want the jury to make any exceptions for her. Despite her efforts to hide real identity, Sophie’s plan misfired: one of the judges has recognized her. The funny thing is that at first the judge named Demi recognized Simmons, not because she was a fan of her father, but because she knew Nick, her brother. As you might know, Sophie’s sibling is quite a successful musician, voice actor and comic book writer.
Although the teenager wanted to make it on her own, for the moment it looked like without Gene’s help his daughter is doomed to fail. After the girl stopped singing, the jury looked quite skeptical. Needless to say, the reason behind their skepticism was not Sophie Simmons weight gain. In the blue elegant dress the wanna-be singer has actually looked gorgeous. Although most of the jury members doubted her talent (the only person that said “yes” without even blinking was Britney Spears), that evening Sophie has earned the chance to participate in the next round of competition.

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Sophie Simmons weight gain

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