Steve Howey weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Steve Howey weight gain?

Since the beginning of his career there have been a lot of talks about Steve Howey weight gain and loss. The actor has admitted that over the years his weight has fluctuated more than it should have, if he wanted to stay healthy. But before we start digging into this topic, let’s remember how Steve raised to prominence. He started his professional career in the mid 1990s, appearing in minor roles in various television shows, such as The Drew Carey Show and ER. Steve made his movie debut with the film Class, which was both directed and written by his father. Although Class was not commercially successful, it received rather positive critical reviews and was accepted into Denver International Film Festival.
A breakthrough in Steve’s professional career came up in 2001, when he was cast for one of the leading roles in television series Reba. Those who have followed this show know that at least during the first half of the 2000s Steve Howey weight gain was not among his problems. In fact, for most of this period he has looked as an athlete. However, things started to change when Reba was canceled. In one of his recent interviews the actor has mentioned that after six years portraying Van Montgomery in these television series he really did not know what to do with his life. Not knowing what is waiting for his acting career an unable to decide which way to go, Steve felt really stressed.
As you might already know, people who are going through tuff periods in their lives often find it harder to control their food intake. Some men, as well as women, use food as a means to cope with stress and frustration. Plus, when sadness is following you 24 hours per day, it is really hard to find willpower to go to the gym. These psychological tendencies explain Steve Howey weight gain after Reba was canceled. Plus, the actor has admitted that during his twenties he was quite a heavy drinker. Alcohol abuse might have been another reason behind his weight fluctuations: it is a well known fact that all the booze contains is calorie rich.
Although during the years after Reba’s cancelation Steve has piled on quite a few pounds, the actor never lacked self confidence. Why would he? Since 2007 Steve has been engaged to the beautiful actress named Sarah Shachi. Plus, it was enough for Steve to step into the bar or club and he would receive more female attention than most man receive during their lifetimes. Although Steve Howey weight gain did not make him feel bad about himself, as the years went by, he noticed that extra pounds are starting to affect his health and sex life. That is why most recently he has started following a strict workout routine and got rid of a considerable amount of weight!

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Steve Howey weight gain

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