Taylor Swift weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Taylor Swift weight gain?

The talks about Taylor Swift weight gain has been here and off since the beginning of her professional career. By the way, this career started particularly early. By the age 14 Taylor moved to Tennessee to become the youngest songwriter that Sony/ATV music publishing house has ever hired. Her eponymous debut album was released in 2006, when the starlet was still only 17. The single “Our Song”, both written and performed by Taylor, topped country music chart making her the first country music star to achieve this goal singlehandedly. Hers second album, Fearless, was released a couple of years later. By that time Swift has already held a nomination for Grammy Award for Best New Artist. The album’s commercial success exceeded the most optimistic expectations: it became the best-selling album of the year.
The number of Grammies this singer has garnered in 2009 proves that Taylor Swift weight gain and loss, as well as her numerous ill-fated romances, are not the only reasons she deserves media attention. In addition to these prestigious accolades the starlet holds 12 Billboard Music Awards, 11 American Music Awards, 7 Country Music Association Awards and 6 Academy of Country Music Awards. Being only 23 years old, she has already sold more than 26 million albums and around 75 million digital singles. According to Forbes, Taylor’s net worth currently amounts to $220 million.
But enough about her professional career, let’s get back to the topic of Taylor Swift weight gain. Numerous internet bloggers and commentators have noticed that during her years on stage the singer’s weight has been fluctuating. However, the changes have always been minor. Taylor gained several additional pound now and then, but always remained rather slim and graceful. How does she manage to keep such a perfect figure? The answer is provided in one of her interviews. During the week Taylor tries to avoid heavy food: basically this means that she subsists only on salad, yogurts, fruits and sandwiches. Although Taylor is careful about choosing what to eat, she never starves herself or leaves the home hungry. The singer has also mentioned that she tries to consume most of her daily calorie portion during the first half of the day and avoids food before going to sleep.
Another one of her healthy habits that makes a significant Taylor Swift weight gain hardy possible in the nearest future is exercising. The starlet has claimed that she does an hour of cardio seven days per week no matter where she is. As most of the young performers, Taylor claims that everything she does in order to stay in shape, she does for herself. Her goal is not to look good for the audience, but to feel good about herself.

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Taylor Swift weight gain

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