Tom Hardy Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Tom Hardy weight gain?

Tom Hardy weight gain happened because he wanted to take up a role in the movie The Dark Knight Rises. And so his long road towards his aim began. He wanted the role of a super villain Bane.
Tom Hardy weight gain happened after his role in the movie Inception, when his carrier began to get bigger and he became even more famous. His body went through a lot of changes of gaining weight and losing it again.
Tom Hardy has always been not so big and muscular, but his roles from the Inception began to be more of a fighting kind, so he had to do a lot of workout in order to reach up to the expectations that other people had about him. His role in the movie Warrior was extremely difficult, because he had to prepare to be a boxer that once was a marine and decided to come back in one big tournament in order to get his fame and popularity back.
Tom Hardy weight gain helps him to become someone else on the movies or as he walks on the red carpet, as he states himself he does not like to be who he is and likes to become someone else. So his next role as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises was going to be even harder than in the movie Warrior. Tom hardy weight gain was inevitable, because he was supposed to be Batman’s most physically prepared opponent so it was a tough road in order to achieve this.
Tom Hardy states that without his physical appearance he also had to learn fighting and be able to show that he has the abilities to defeat everyone in the movie.
Even though it may seem that Tom Hardy weight gain suits him and his role perfectly, he also had some trouble because of it. It is much harder to move and fight when you weight 30 labels more than you used to, he has even fainted in one of the scenes shot in summer and remained unconscious for the most part of the day so his weight gain caused problems for his health state.
Tom Hardy states himself that he has done a lot of workouts for his muscle and ate a lot in order to gain weight, but he has not done any cardio then. So Tom Hardy weight gain looks perfect in his roles, but has caused him problems in his health.

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