Tracy Morgan weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Tracy Morgan weight gain?

For the last few years Tracy Morgan weight gain has been the topic of wild criticism. During the relatively short period this actor and comedian has managed to pack on a shocking amount of fat. But before we start looking for reasons that might have led to this transformation, let us briefly remind you of his professional achievements.
Morgan gained prominence portraying Hustle Man on “Morgan”. His character, who earned for living by selling various small items he “got from the hood”, is best known for the catchphrase “What’s Happ’n, Chief?”. Hustle’s pet dog, who was always dressed as a stereotypical rapper, was not any less memorable than the character portrayed by comedian. Following this tenure on “Morgan”, Tracy has featured in a few notable comedy projects, such as Chris Rock’s “Head of State”. However, the show that turned Tracy into a national-level comedy star was Saturday Night Live. Since his debut in 1996 Morgan has portrayed variety of characters, including Uncle Jemima, Brian Fellow, African Andy, Dominican Lou, Bishop Don Mack Donald, Branden Alonzo, Woodrow and Astronaut Jones. During his first seven years on this show the comedian’s weight has fluctuated, but neither Tracy Morgan weight gain nor his weight loss have any significant effect on his career. This should not surprise us: after all, he is a comedian, not a fashion model. If anything, the chubbier cheeks and the rounder belly have made him look funnier.
In 2006, three years after leaving NFL, Tracy was cast for popular American television series 30 Rock. In this show, which was set behind the scenes of the fictional live sketch comedy series, Morgan portrayed Tracy Jordan, crazy and unpredictable star of TGS. Since its premier the program enjoyed a formidable success and eventually garnered 22 nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards. The talks about Tracy Morgan weight gain started when “30 Rock” was already well into the first season. His figure was changing so fast, many internet commentators were forced to believe that the star is actually doing that on purpose. Some of them have guessed that Tracy is packing on pounds in order to prepare for some new role. However, as the time went by, such rumors proved to be false. In 2009 Morgan did took up a relatively “new” project: he returned to the famed TV show Saturday Night Live. However, there is no reason to believe that the producers of this program could have required Morgan to change the shape of his body.
Thus it looks like Tracy Morgan weight gain resulted from his life decisions and health problems. More than 15 years ago the comedy star was diagnosed with diabetes. Due to this illness he was supposed to follow a strict diet, but failed to do that.

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Tracy Morgan weight gain

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