Valerie Bertinelli weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Valerie Bertinelli weight gain?

During her career in showbiz there has been quite a few “scandals” around Valerie Bertinelli weight gain. For those who have not heard much about this lady, here is an explanation how this lady deserved all the public attention she has received. Valerie made her television debut on Apple’s Way and went on to appear on popular situation comedy One Day at a Time. The show ran for nine years and the young actress grew up in the eyes of television audience. During this period she has featured in 207 episodes. After the series were canceled Valerie went on to film for variety of made-for-television movies and miniseries, but her professional career was not as successful as she hoped.
What kept her in the centre of media attention for most of her life was not Valerie Bertinelli weight gain or her professional achievements, but her marriage with a legendary musician Eddie Van Halen. The couple fell in love from the first sight and got married in 1981, when Valerie was only 21 years old. Ten years later Bertinelli gave birth to their one and only son, Wolfgang. Although both have admitted that they have been trough some tuff periods, the couple remained together for almost 25 years. According to Valerie, during that time she has never stopped loving her husband and he is still one of her best friends. However, the starlet has grown tired from living with a cocaine addict. Plus, she could not forgive her husband that he continued to smoke even after he was diagnosed with the oral cancer and lost 1/3 of his tongue.
Now let’s get back to the topic of Valerie Bertinelli weight gain. According to the starlet, various self-confidence issues and eating disorders have followed her since she was just a teenager. It all started almost immediately after she was cast for One Day at a Time. During the first season Valerie portrayed a wild and boyish teenager. However, as the second season started, the producers of the show decided to make her character more appealing to the average male audience. This meant that the young actress felt a constant pressure to take care of her body and keep an eye on her weight. During this period the girl became almost paranoid about gaining an additional pound. Her self-confidence issues continued as she went on to film for television movies.
Although in one of her recent interviews Valerie has admitted that she has been addicted to food just like her husband was addicted to drugs, for many years she has managed to keep her appetite under control. Valerie Bertinelli weight gain process gained momentum in 2005, when the woman realized that her marriage with Edie Van Halen is domed to end.

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Valerie Bertinelli weight gain

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