Vanessa Hudgens Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Vanessa Hudgens weight gain?

Vanessa Hudgens is used to showing her beautiful lines with slim shorts but now she wears different clothes like trainers more. Vanessa Hudgens weight gain was inevitable, because of her role in Gimme Shelter. She takes up a role of Apple, a pregnant teen, with a junkie mother who ends up living on the street. And because of the pregnancy of Apple Vanessa has to look fuller.
Vanessa Hudgens weight gain does miracles; she says that there are days that she does not recognize her reflection in the mirror. Actress is happy about her workout, because she feels much better after it.
Vanessa is happy about her new role, because all those years she played less challenging Disney roles and now she has the opportunity to show people that she can do more than just to play a simple role in a movie.
Vanessa Hudgens weight gain happens not only due to new roles, she also reveals that while acting in High School Musical Live Show when she came back after short brakes it was hard to fit into her costume, because she loves fast-food and eats it when she can. She likes everything that is not healthy to eat and has it when she wants to.
She talks about her addiction to ice-cream and how they make her mood better and also jokes that her fingers are permanently stained orange from Cheetos. Also she makes jokes about zipping her costume after those breaks and how her boobs got up to her chin.
However she knew that her eating habits were bad for her health because Vanessa did not consume any vegetables, just fast-food so she had to do something about it. And right now she does. She keeps to her diet and does a lot of workout in order to improve her body lines and act in her new role.
Vanessa Hudges weight gain is healthy and positive for her, because it improves not only her physical appearance, but also the quality of her life and her health. No one doubts that she looks more feminine in a bikini with her body shape than she used to do before.

what are your thoughts on Vanessa Hudgens weight gain story?

Vanessa Hudgens weight gain Vanessa Hudgens weight gain Vanessa Hudgens weight gain

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