Vidya Balan weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Vidya Balan weight gain?

Since the late 2000s, there have been a lot of talks about Vidya Balan weight gain. Before we start digging deeper into this topic, let’s remember how this young Indian actress ascended to stardom. Vidya has dreamed about the career in movies ever since she was a little girl. She got the chance to prove she has what it takes at the age 16, after landing a role on situation comedy Hum Paanch. Back in the day acting was not the only thing Balan was concentrating on. She has also studied in the University of Mumbai, from which she eventually earned master’s degree in sociology. Although while studying Vidya simultaneously featured in a several television shows and commercials, these roles did not take her any closer to becoming an A-list movie star. In 2003 Balan finally landed her first movie role in Bhalo Theko. Two years later she earned both critical and popular recognition with the musical Parineeta. Since then this starlet has featured in variety of prominent Hindi movies, such as Guru, Salaam-E-Ishq, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Kismat and Konnection.
Those who have followed her career since the mid-1990s should not be particularly surprised by the recent Vidya Balan weight gain. Even as a teenager this actress has not been skinny. This is not the same as to say that she was fat. We just want to point out that she has never looked like Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Richie during their “anorexic” periods. The actress has also packed on several additional pounds as she transitioned into adulthood. Needless to say, this is completely normal: every girl gets a little bit heavier as she turns into a woman. Although we could probably all agree that this transformation was completely natural, it looks like Vidya Balan weight gain has caused her some personal problems. During an interview she gave in 2009 the actress has bitterly mentioned that her last relationship ended because her boyfriend was making hurtful remarks upon her figure. Vidya did not even try to pretend that such comments did not hurt her. Most women find it hard to take criticism on their weight, especially if it is coming from their loved ones.
Vidya Balan weight gain process continued through the early 2010s. This time the reason behind her transformation was directly related with the specifics of her job. The actress was asked to gain more than ten pounds to fit the role of Silk in movie The Dirty Picture. At first Balan was reluctant to do it, because she knew that she would probably be asked to shed off the pounds for her next movie. However, after giving it a second thought she has changed her decision. Time showed that the role was worth the effort: Vidya’s performance garnered her national Filmfare Award for Best Actress.

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Vidya Balan weight gain

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