weight gain food for men

In this article we are going to talk about the best weight gain food for men. I know that at least some of you are reading this text out of pure curiosity and find it hard to believe that somebody would actually try to put on weight on purpose, but this is exactly how it is. While half of the world’s population (well, at least half of the first world) is working its ass off to get rid of the extra pounds (or complaining about it), some people are looking at the mirror, thinking how great it would be if they could get a little bigger. This article about weight gain food for men is written exactly for this second kind of people.
I know that most of the skinny guys say it is just impossible for them to gain weight and blaming it on their extremely fast metabolism. If you are one of these guys, you should promise yourself you will stop talking such things starting from this moment. Not only it makes women incredibly jealous and thus could help you gain quit a few unnecessary enemies, this is also a nonsense. If you are not big enough, this means you don’t get enough calories. The rule is actually as simple as this: if you want to be big, you have to eat big. Having this said, we can go into more details.
Among the best weight gain food for men are rise, pasta, whole milk and nuts. Both 100 grams of raw rise and 100 grams of pasta contain about 380 calories, while the same amount of spinach, for example, contains only 30. This means you have to stuff your stomach with 10 times more of this kind of greens, than rise or pasta, if you want to get the same amount of calories. Nuts is even a greater source of energy which could be later stored as fat. You can eat only 100 grams of these goods and you will get over 500 extra calories. So if during the daytime you feel like you could use a snack (or if there is any free space left in your stomach), nuts is the first thing you should reach for. Just make sure that there is always a pack/can of nuts in your kitchen and if you can, carry some in your bag/briefcase/pocket. If you get tired of nuts, you can replace it with natural peanut butter. And if you get tired of that too… well, then get back to pasta.
We are just kidding, there is actually the widest range of weight gain food for men to choose from and we just mentioned the most popular of them. So good luck packing on those pounds you want!

weight gain food for men weight gain food for men weight gain food for men

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