Wentworth Miller weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Wentworth Miller weight gain?

A couple of years ago the whole Hollywood was shocked after witnessing a sudden Wentworth Miller weight gain. You have problems trying to remember who is this guy? Wentworth is an American producer, actor and screenwriter, as well as a former model. His career beginnings were far from easy. According to the actor himself, the first few years after he moved to Los Angeles to pursue career in movie industry was full of “roadblocks”, “failures” and “upsets”. Despite that, the young artist was not planning to give up, because knew that acting is the only way for him to be happy. Miller made his television debut in 1998, after three years of fruitless efforts to get at least the smallest role. Following his appearance on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the actor was cast for Dinotopia and The Human Stain.
A real breakthrough in Wentworth’s professional career came up in 2005, when he was cast for popular Fox network television series Prison Break. In this show he has portrayed a man, who had the whole scheme of a prison tattooed on his back and decided to give up his own freedom, so he could help out his brother. Each time before the shooting stared, Miller had to spend four hours waiting until the make-up artists complete the tattoo, covering not only all of his back, but also part of his torso and hands. Looking from the perspective, it is safe to say that this role was worth all of his efforts. For the portrayal of fearless prisoner and dedicated brother Miller garnered Golden Globe Award nomination as Best Actor in a Dramatic Series. Those who have followed these breathtaking drama series know that back in the day Wentworth Miller weight gain was not among his problems. In fact, this actor was widely considered one of the hottest men in Hollywood. During Miller’s tenure on the show his rather skinny, but masculine and well trained body decorated variety of magazines.
That is why the sudden Wentworth Miller weight gain has come as a shock to most of his fans. The whole buzz started in 2010, when the actor and his friend were noticed walking down the street in sports clothes. The red T-shit Wentworth was wearing was obviously hiding a solid belly and his cheeks looked way rounder than it used to. What made the picture all the more different was black curls on Miller’s head. Although his physical transformation did not make him look any hotter, it looks like Wentworth Miller weight gain did not bother him at all. In the pictures Miller was looking happy and self-confident. He was joking and laughing, while walking next to his friend who seemed just as relaxed.

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Wentworth Miller weight gain

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